Life Line Screening Is Giving People Healthier Lives

Health screenings are one of the most important growth sectors of medicine today. We have so much more we now understand about our health and how to take care of ourselves thanks to advances in testing. Life Line Screenings seems to be the most prominent example of a company today at the forefront. They offer a wide variety of health screenings and these screenings are giving people a better way of understanding their health status and what they need to do about it. Others have copied the business model of Life Line Screenings and are also offering their own series of health screenings.

The health screenings offered by Life Line Screenings cover everything from blood lipid levels to heartbeat rates. All of this testing is designed to help doctors find the best way to take care of their patients understand what their patients want the most. There are other companies that have tried to do the same thing, but none have the same level for accuracy that has made Life Line Screening what it is today. They are dedicated to giving each patient the specific details and information they need and patients are taking this information to change their lives.

Life Line Screening is also heavily involved in scientific research as well. Their studies cover important topics in medicine such as diet and tobacco use in a comprehensive way. The need to identify recent health issues is highly important and their research has highlighted potential ways to solve the problems that plague us. They’ve found that diet and exercise are woefully under utilized, for instance, and that tobacco use is serious factor in development of heart disease. Doctors are now using this research to help their patients live to their full potential and it seems to be working so far.

You can’t deny that people are living healthier lives with the help of Life Line Screening and its testing. They are better able to understand what steps they need to take in order to have a healthier life thanks to the testing they get done and the way their doctors are able to come up with solutions. People aren’t able to combat problems if they’re left in the dark about them. The only way to change things is to keep firm knowledge of just about everything that can be involved in the process. Only through that understanding can anything be done.

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Sentient AI Powering the E-commerce Sector With Technology that Personalizes Online Shopping for Customers

The online retail industry is not only growing at a massive pace but also evolving at a similar pace. Many new technologies are entering the market that has made it easier for the e-commerce companies to provide a better shopping experience to the customers. Even the mindset of the customers is changing and gearing entirely towards online shopping as relatively it provides much more benefits regarding discounts, offers, promotions, sales, fast delivery, and more. There are many advantages of buying anything online and hence; the online retail industry has been growing at a vast pace in the past few years.

However, as the online retail industry is growing, the competition has become fiercer than ever before. There are more and more companies that are opening up in the market that are trying to dominate their niche, and it has resulted in the war on technologies as well. The online retail companies want to use the most advanced retail software and technologies to ensure that their customers get the best experience while shopping at the site. The online shopping is all about the customer experience, and if the customers feel that it is taking too much time or effort to find the right product for them, they will switch back to shopping at physical stores. It is what the e-commerce sites don’t want. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

The artificial intelligence technology offered by Sentient AI has helped tremendously in this respect. The AI platform and services provided by Sentient AI has helped the online retail companies to improve their performance, increase their efficiency, and provide better customer service. It is an integral part of developing the overall consumer experience. The e-commerce recommendation engine, in this case, is beneficial as the artificial intelligence technology calculates and processes a large amount of customer based data to provide them recommendation at various touch points throughout their time on the website. It makes it easier for the customers to find what they are looking for as per their taste and preferences, without having to spend hours to get to what they want.

The e-commerce recommendation engine can provide the best and the most accurate recommendation no matter the size of the inventory. It would make it easier for the customers to do shopping online and stick to online shopping rather than move back to brick and mortar stores. The Sentient AI is a leader in offering the artificial intelligence technology and has many AI-powered products and services.

CEO Of Nabors Industries Anthony Petrello Helps With Hurricane Harvey Response

Nabors Industries Dedicated To Giving Back to the Community

Nabors Industries is a company which has a strong belief in giving back to the community. It’s a huge part of the company’s culture, and is also something that the CEO of Nabors Industries is very passionate about. Residents of Houston saw a direct benefit in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, as Nabors Industries was more than happy to step up in order to provide relief. Aside from giving to the community, he is also a contributor to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Provides Employees With Great Amenities

As a drilling company, Nabors Industries provides it’s employees with great amenities. Giving back to the community is a huge part of Nabors Industries’ culture. Employees saw this as an opportunity to get involved with relief, especially since the company gave them paid time off to do so. Employees were sent around the gulf coast to help out, and Tony Petrello matched $173,622 in contributions provided by the employees. The company kitchen was even put to use to prepare meals for people whom lost everything because of the storm.

Social Responsibility Taken Very Seriously

The company takes social responsibility very seriously, as they aim to be a good community member. Houston is home for Tony Petrello, so it is the focus of much of the philanthropy. The company has also provided $3 Million in scholarships to their employees and their employees’ families.

President and COO of Nabors From 1991-2003 and CEO Since 2011

Elected to the Nabors Board of Directors in 1991, he was the President and COO from 1991-2003 and President and CEO since 2011. He holds a legal background, where he was with the firm Baker & McKenzie from 1979 to 1991, eventually rising to partner in the firm. He has a law degree from Harvard Law School and a M.S. degree from Yale University.

Nabors – Largest Geothermal and Natural Gas Driller

Nabors Industries is the world’s largest geothermal and natural gas drilling companies, operating around the world. The company began as Anglo Energy, LTD in 1968. He is also a director at Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company.


Paul Mampilly Predicts Rise of Precision Medicine

Paul Mampilly has been making money on Wall Street for over 25 years, ever since 1991. In 2008-2009, he accomplished an incredible investing feat. He entered the investment competition for the Templeton Foundation, named after the famous investor John Templeton who made large amount of money by investing in Japanese companies when their most prestious product was the transistor radio. Mampilly started with $50 million in capital, and turned it into $88 million. That would be amazing in any time period. But Mampilly did it during the Great Recession, but without shorting any investments. In those two years almost every class of financial asset went down, but he found the tiny few that went up instead.

Mampilly stays in touch with technological developments, and that includes the development of precision medicine. For many decades, doctors have prescribed the same medicines for all diseases to all patients. That is often effective for antibiotics fighting the same infectious bacteria. However, other diseases are not so clear-cut. For instance, more recent research has revealed to science that cancer is not one disease that manifests in many different organs. It is at least 200 different diseases. They act in similar ways, all characterized by uncontrolled growth, but they have different genomic profiles. That is, they are caused by different genetic mutations in combination with different environmental factors.

Many drugs that work on one type of cancer do not work on others, even cancers that manifest in the same body organ. And many cancers react in separate ways to different medications. A tyrosine protein kinase inhibitor that works well on one kind of cancer may not work on one that has a different genetic profile.

The first time people mapped the human genome, it was an expensive, massive project that required teams of researchers, millions of dollars and many years. Now it’s becoming routine and inexpensive. When you’re sick, your doctor will examine your genetics, and prescribe treatment based on it. Your genome is uniquely yours. And soon, it will determine which illnesses you are most vulnerable, and which medicine you require.

In an article he wrote after visiting the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting and seeing the most advanced work being done to fight cancer, he predicted that in fifteen years cancer will be a chronic disease we’ll live with, not the killer we fear today. And cancer is just one example of how medicine and pharmacuetical companies will learn how to treat all patients as individuals.

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How Securus Technologies has Prevented Crime and Modernized the Correction Space

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 to provide criminal justice and civil technology solutions. Over 3,400 law enforcement and public agencies rely on Securus Technologies to provide technology solutions that will improve the lives of 1.2 million inmates. The solutions provided are for monitoring, investigation, corrections, and public safety purposes.


Richard A. Smith, the current chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, stated that the company strives each week to come up with a product that eases the work of law enforcement and correction officials by making the incarceration environment safer.


Over time, Securus Technologies has received countless emails and letters from law enforcement officials who have conveyed their gratitude for the overwhelming support they have received. Some have used the technology to investigate compromised members of the force who smuggle contraband to inmates. The technology has helped in monitoring calls regarding inmates’ use of drugs, selling of drugs, and alcohol use.


Other incarceration facilities have used the LBS service to monitor harassments, security threats, and suspicious conversations about money and illegal assets.




Securus Technologies has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has received an A+ rating. This rating is as a result of being transparent, addressing disputes quickly, honoring promises, adhering to advertising and selling standards, and protecting the data collected from fraud activities.


Securus Technologies’ expanding footprints


In 2015, Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc. Together they provide a platform for entertainment, digital payments, education and communication in the correctional industry. Through these efforts, inmates are now able to transition smoothly from jail to normal life.


This technology company is leading in providing groundbreaking products which modernize the correction space. Securus Technologies is committed to providing simple and secure products that guarantee value, efficiency, and security of prison staff, inmates, their families and friends, and the community at large.


The Success of Adam Milstein as a Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist

A native of Israel, Adam Milstein has built himself an impressive profile as a real estate developer, community leader, and philanthropist. He took part in the Yom Kippur War during his compulsory service in the Israel Defense Forces. He studied at Technion and graduated in 1978. Shortly after moving to the United States in 1981, Adam Milstein enrolled for an MBA at the University of Southern California and started his career in 1983 as a commercial real estate developer in South California. He currently works at Hager Pacific Properties, a commercial real estate investment firm as a managing partner.

Milstein also serves on the board of the Israeli-American Council as the chairman of national expansion. He also sits on the board of organizations such as AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, and Israel on Campus Coalition. Through joint efforts with his wife, Gila, Adam Milstein founded Sirfiyat Pijama B’America, a humanitarian organization that provides free Hebrew teachings to over 15,000 Israeli-Americans to teach them Jewish values. The idea for starting Hager Pacific Properties came after Milstein received his MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. There were many organizations recruiting campus students before Milsten graduated. To know more about him click here.

However, Adam Milstein realized that they didn’t appreciate his experience and knowledge. They were offering him less than what an undergraduate would earn. Consequently, Adam Milstein decided to start working as a real estate broker. After three years of success as a real estate broker, Mr. Milstein grew to become an iconic real estate developer. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Milstein doesn’t have a flexible working schedule. Over time, Milstein has realized that getting involved in philanthropy makes his routine activities satisfying. Mr. Milstein pushes until his ideas become a reality. He often follows up all his clients and doesn’t allow anything to fall through the cracks. While there are plenty of exciting trends in the real estate industry, Adam Milstein likes the fact that supply always lags behind demand. As a result, it takes time to take notice of results in the real estate market.


Anthony Petrello’s Journey to Success as a Great CEO

Many business experts and CEOs are not recognized in many households. However, people forget that these people are the ones who create jobs for them. Without their much-dedicated efforts, the world could be flat. Nothing progressive could be witnessed. Tony Petrello is one of those few people in the U.S. who has helped so many people but their progress cannot be recognized by the majority. He happens to be the Chairman and the CEO of Nabors Holding Ltd.

The company happens to be the leader gas and oil driller in the whole world and has achieved greatly over the few decades Tony has been with them. He has been able to increase employees to over three thousand for a period of less than just five years. This is because the company has been able to expand its operations to many countries including Asia, Africa and also the United States. It is therefore very certain that the company is the largest drilling company in the world.

Anthony Petrello, 62 also happens to have hot business news headlines because of being the topmost paid CEO in the whole world. He has been recognized for dedicated efforts towards ensuring that he achieves in business he undertakes. Anthony has also been on the frontline helping so many people realize their dreams and he has always committed himself to success. He is always working with passion and thus making the company very successful. Tony Petrello has also been recognized for promoting team-work amongst his fellow employees. This has promoted innovation and also cohesion amongst the departments. He is also on the frontline helping the company secure machinery that would save cost and at the same time increase the company’s profits.

Anthony Petrello is a great person and happens to be a respected scholar. He is a great mathematician and a recognized lawyer. He is proud to have attended the most prestigious universities across the entire globe and have been on the frontline working towards success. His mission is to help people succeed in business. He attended public schools like any other child from a poor background. In fact his parents struggled so much to support his education but he did not give up. He used to burn midnight oils just to make his dreams a reality and has been on the frontline pursuing success. His mission has been to achieve in life and has never been left behind when pursuing success.

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The Path to Success Taken by the Acclaimed OSI Group of Industries

OSI Group, founded in the early nineteen hundreds, is a privately held meat processing firm with subsidiaries all over the globe. Working in close partnership with independent retail food suppliers, OSI has transformed into the world’s leading meat and other foods solutions provider. The food company’s astonishing growth can be attributed to its immense wealth coupled with sound managerial decisions by the CEO, Sheldon Lavin, and his proficient team.

Working with the OSI Industries is a sure prerequisite for unparalleled business success. The company is always punctual with their essential deliveries to their growing number of customers. What’s more, the food plant always insists on using approved means and methods to produce, store and transport the food to their patrons.

Here’s what makes the OSI Group of Industries to stand out from its peers:-

• World-class food quality assurance standards and safety
• The staff are highly trained global culinary chefs
• They undertake comprehensive research to they get the meals just right
• The company has an unwavering commitment towards sustainability
• OSI’s distributors are renowned for their superb efficiency, integrity, and honesty

Continued Expansion and Growth

The global meat supplier has remained consistent in the level of their services and products for the last century. To that effect, the company has taken to the skies and it now employs well over 20,000 workers stationed in close to 20 countries.

OSI group provides tailor-made solutions for brands and businesses across the world regardless of their financial standing. Thanks to the reliable and cost-effective custom food products from OSI, countless companies have not only realized their targets, but they’ve accomplished what they never thought possible.

The Early Years

OSI Group, just like many other iconic American businesses, was the brain-child project of an immigrant. The founder was a German who’d migrated to Oak Park, Chicago with the family in 1909. His name was Otto Kolschowsky and he picked the name, “Otto & Sons’ for his butcheries in 1928.

OSI’s fortunes began to look up in the mid-50’s when they landed a plush meat supply contract with the then rising fast-food giant, McDonald Inc. one of the prime reasons McDonald’s chose to do business with Otto & Sons was that the latter had pioneered a revolutionary an advanced food preservation technique called the cryogenic food processing method.

Thanks to the liquid nitrogen processing formula, food, especially meat, could now be safely stored for up to one year without losing its flavor. Fast forward to 2011 and the OSI was being named by Forbes Magazine as the 136th most successful American meat processing company. Today, the organization continues to break ground on new meat processing plants in lucrative foreign markets for instance in, Shanghai, China and all over S.E Asia.

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Sunday Housecall LiveStream Features Dr Cynara Coomer For Breast Health Awareness Month

Dr. David Samadi has been lending his extensive knowledge and experience as a medical professional to Fox News since 2009 and has published many articles to help improve the quality of life for those with prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi is also the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and the host of the weekly series Sunday Housecall Livestream which airs every Sunday at 12:30 on Dr. David Samadi’s Da Vinci robotic surgical system is the most advanced tool for minimally invasive surgery and is performed on the average of 15 times a week. DaVinci and Smart robotic prostate surgery causes less tissue damage, little to no scarring and a quicker recovery rate. Other benefits include less pain, less chance of infection and less blood loss.

Although an expert in the detection and treatment of prostate cancer and the creator of a revolutionary way of performing robotic laparoscopic prostate surgeries on which he holds a patent, Dr David Samadi offers his audience medical expertise on other hot topics in medicine. This week on Sunday Housecall LiveStream, his guest, Dr. Cynara Coomer, the Chief of Breast Surgery and Director of the Comprehensive Breast Center at Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital, will be discussion hot topics in medicine and promoting breast cancer awareness.

In addition to being Chief of Breast Surgery and Director of Comprehensive Breast Center, Dr Coomer is also an assistant clinical professor of surgery and specializes in breast health and breast cancer surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. She is also a survivor of thyroid cancer diagnosed in 2010 after the birth of her first child. She shared the experience on the Fox News Channel and wrote columns about it for Dr. Coomer has been a medical contributor to Fox News since 2009 providing an expert opinion on a variety of cancer research topics focusing on women’s health.

This edition of Sunday Housecall LiveStream with Dr. David Samadi and his guest Dr. Cynara Coomer will offer the audience the latest topics in medicine and preventative actions to promote healthier living. The insight of these two medical professional will be valuable in promoting breast and prostate health to all Americans. Both medical conditions are more likely to be overcome with early detection and with the advances in medical treatments, the patients will experience a better outcome and quicker healing. Invite these brilliant doctors to your house through Sunday Housecall LiveStream on

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A Rich History and a Bright Future are Standard at the Academy of Art University

Too often people don’t think about how clothing comes to stores. Before clothing is ever manufactured it must be designed. It is no easy task coming up modern clothing designs in an industry where it seems like everything has already been done before. The students at the Academy of Art University have creative minds that translate into new clothing trends. In September 2017, the school hosted its 21st annual runway showcase. Ten graduates from their esteemed program exhibited five womenswear collections, two menswear lines, and two collaborations. The designers come from a very diverse background such as China, Maine, California, and so on. Their individualized experiences have shaped who each person is and that shows in their work. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these up-and-coming designer’s clothing in your local stores next season.

Located in picturesque San Francisco, the Academy of Art University has been teaching students since 1929. The school’s rich history is evident in their community and classrooms. The teaching staff is comprised of working artists that have a passion for staying on the cutting edge of art and design. The school puts on over 70 exhibitions and shows annually.

The academics offered by the Academy of Art University are broad-ranged and of stellar quality. From acting and interior design to jewelry and metal arts there is a degree program for almost every form of art. The school even offers a variety of online courses to better fit the needs of busy students. The school changes with the times to stay current, that is their secret to long-term success.

No-Barrier Admissions” is something that the school prides themselves on. Simply put, they encourage anyone with a passion for art to come, learn, and grow at the Academy of Art University. Rather than focusing on test scores and extracurriculars, they focus on each student. This is one of the many reasons the university stands out against others. School tours take place year-round as do a variety of open houses for interested parties. University graduates are already influencing the advertising, fashion, and design industries with modern ideas.