Thor Halvorssen: A New Breed Of Activist

Thor Havlorssen is not your typical human rights activist. He does not let politics get in the way of his mission. He is an equal opportunity offender of dictators and tyrants around the world. To him, choosing “the lesser of two evils” is not an option. If you are running a repressive regime, then you are a target.

Halvorssen is the president of Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and he has made it is life’s work to eradicate tyranny throughout the world. A daunting task, but one that Halvorssen is prepared for.

Both of his parents have been the victim of tyrannical governments. His father was a government official during the time Higo Chavez ruled Venezuela. He was subsequently thrown in prison and tortured after he exposed government corruption. Halvorssen’s mother was shot during an anti-Chavez demonstration. His cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, is currently serving time in a Venezuelan jail as a political prisoner.

Thor Halvorssen not only talks the talk, he also walks the walk.

Thor Halvorssen has also become a film producer in his spare time. He founded the Moving Picture Institue in 2005, the same year as HRF, with the sole purpose of “promoting freedom through film.” He works with many young filmmakers from around the world to help then get their stories out. He even works with Hollywood elites like Quentin Tarantino from time to time.

Human Rights Foundation describes itself as a nonpartisan foundation that focuses on promoting human rights across the globe. The New York-based foundation host the annual Oslo Freedom Forum where dissidents and activists from around the globe gather to help each other in their causes.

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The Amazing New Advancements in Product Recognition Technology


Our world continues to grow with many great advancements each year technologically. Search engines have been some of the most useful advancements in our modern era. Information is now more accessible than it has ever been before. When you are looking for the answer to a question, a picture of your favorite celebrity, or directions to the mall, you only need search with one of these amazing engines. Visual search is a new technology that is taking search engines to a whole new level. This is something that is making it easier for people to capture captivating things in everyday life. Whether they are trying to find where to buy a product or are looking to find what type of shirt someone in their class is wearing, visual search can help them narrow this down.

Slyce product recognition has really taken visual search to a whole new level. Slyce has worked with many of the leading retailers in the world such as Toys R Us, Urban Outfitters, and more. Slyce has one of the most advanced universal scanners in the world at this point. Their scanner is able to not only scan barcodes and QR codes, but this scanner is able to take any real world image of a product and direct you to the right retailer for your purchase of this item.

The future is very bright for Slyce as they have been making a name for themselves as the leaders in visual search technology. The professional team at Slyce is using their combined experience to create a groundbreaking app that will help consumers find just what they are looking for right when they have the urge to buy it. Not only with this help the consumer, but this will also help manufacturers and retailers raise their revenues and profits.

The world is pushing forward each day with new technologies that help us to have easier lives. Visual search technology is a great technology that can make finding the perfect products easier for consumers all around the world.

The Iconic Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer is the chairperson and president of Grupo RBS. He is one of the richest men in Brazil. He owns a huge media conglomerate in the country. In addition to that, he is also the chair of e.Bricks, a company he founded. It is an investment company, which has significant interests in digital media. It currently operates in both Brazil and the United States.
Career and Influences
He began his career as a senior financial analyst in the United States at Delphi. He was also the CEO of digital media company Boxtop Media. The Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise nominated him in 2015. An institution recognizes major achievers in all areas of business. They are chosen for being considered as good examples to society. The list is prepared every year, and only 25 people get the honor.
John Davis has been an important mentor to Eduardo. The Harvard professor is also an expert on family business. He is now a sought-after consultant globally for his wealth of experience. He has been a major client of Grupo RBS, a relationship that started in 1999. The Sirotsky family believes in the professional management of a family business. John Davis has played a significant role in establishing the rules of professional management. It is what led to Duda becoming the group’s leader in 2012.
His Passion
Eduardo Melzer (Duda) believes that people are an important aspect of the business. As a result, he views business skills being as important as people skills. As a result, he believes in empowering those who work under him.
Duda believes that Grupo RBS needs to make an investment in technology. His startup at e.Bricks plans to invest about $300 million in small digital companies. The future of Grupo RBS looks bright under his stewardship.

The Results of 2015’s Full Year Reports: The Success of a Financial Service Firm

Following as the fourth consecutive year of record leveled earnings, assets, loans, and deposits, NexBank Capital, Inc., a financial service company, has released their fourth quarter and 2015 full year consolidated financial results. With positive outcomes, NexBank Capital, Inc. has reached a net income of $52.3 million and total assets of $2.72 billion. In addition, the companies total loans had climbed roughly 42%, reaching $1.97 billion.
The majority of this growth has been credited to NexBank SSB, a well ranked regional bank. In a long-term plan, NexBank SSB has purchased College Savings Bank, which has helped diversify the banks deposits.
Matt Siekielski, who services as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, stated, “for 2016, NexBank remains focused on our institutional client base and the development of our businesses in the U.S. We continue to be well positioned to capture opportunities that expand and strengthen our product offering.”
The company provides clients with services through three major categories: commercial banking, mortgage banking, and investment banking. All services are carried out by a team of professionals who strive to find successful solutions for each client’s problem or specialized need. These services are backed by years of experience, the company beginning in 1922, and have shown progressive growth throughout the years. Along with this, the company has great respect for leadership, which has also led the company to the position of 17th largest bank in the state of Texas and 288th largest bank in the entire nation.
In addition to their well rounded employees who provide top notch customer service, NexBank Capital, Inc. has shown outstanding growth and success throughout the years. From 2012 to 2015, the company’s net income has multiplied by over six times the 2012 value. The company has also shown growth in total assets and total deposits.

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Makari SKin Whitening Products

Makari skin products are available for lightening, brightening and bleaching of the skin. What makes it special and something you should go for is that it is a natural alternative. It is a life transformer since it has helped its users to feel better about their skin and feel beautiful altogether. The products have a pleasant smell and you it lingers long into the day. Its users are therefore assured of feeling fresh all day long as they carry on with their daily activities. This boosts their confidence also.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages that accompany Makari skin products. They are rich in moisture and are designed to fade dark spots, brighten your skin, do away with discoloration and create a bright, clear and even look that is long lasting.Thus, Makari skin products enables its users to look younger with their skin whitening cream. It helps to fight off wrinkles and keeps the skin glowing and fresh since it is a high quality moisturizer. It keeps the skin hydrated and this improves the texture and appearance. It also prevents dryness. Applying Makari skin products regularly prevents the skin from getting dried out and flakey. It rewards its users with smooth touchable faces.

These products also help in fighting acne. The glands in the skin are signaled to produce extra sebum when the skin dries out. This can clog the hair pores on your skin and cause breakouts. You need to keep your face moisturized to keep it free from acne and prevent it from becoming too oily. Makari skin products have sun protection in built. This assists in keeping the skin healthy and fighting off cancer at the same time. They also protect sensitive skin since they have skin calming ingredients like aloe Vera that ensure your face is protected from elements that may cause itchiness, redness or other irritabilities.

Finally, Makari products have various advantages. They are plant based and thus are free from harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients. Most of the ingredients used contain natural vitamins and minerals that ensure skin health. These products are good for people with high melanin pigment and they have been chemically proven to lighten your skin.

Logistics and Management Services Offered by IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is an established company that provides solutions such as high-level technical services, management of premises, and international logistics. The company has employed more than 2000 trained personnel, and it manages branches in 25 countries across the world. The services that company offers are focused on solving unexpected and complicated occurrences for its clients who are both privately held and public institutions. Most of the firm’s services are created to address unforeseen setbacks such as natural calamities. IAP Worldwide Services and its employees are well informed and experienced in the services that they offer, and they have the expertise that is necessary for planning, coordinating and executing challenging logistical and technical missions. They manage, control, and maintaining military programs that have a size of a small city, mobile research laboratories, and civilian amenities. The company also ventures in the distribution of technology, human resources, and management of programs for its customers who are distributed across the world.

The mission of the IAP Worldwide Services is to assist the clients in solving complex issues by making use of its ingenuity, top-notch technology, and outstanding skill. IAP has an excellent customer service whereby they perceive the vision of the client as their own and commit themselves to making it become a reality. The mission of the company is made possible by its core competencies, which are agility, dedication, focus, and capability. The operations of AIP are based on the values such as acting swiftly and responsibly, integrity and humanity, giving motivational leadership, and creating partnerships with the community, clients, and affiliates to facilitate success.

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The company is constantly looking for open doors to make partnerships with distributors and other enterprises that have the mission of solving problems for clients. They believe in the formation of partnerships with various organizations that have the potential to bring a rise in profits and also readily accept the expertise and services that they offer to the clients. The IAP Worldwide has a belief that success of an organization is not based on only due to its customers but also the communities that surround it. The firm is keen on social responsibility and donates toward various community development projects.

Employees of IAP Worldwide have the necessary skills that are required to solve problems of different people. They work collectively to contribute their knowledge, specialization, and experience to create a workforce that is well established. The company provides career opportunities to various people who have excellent skills in general management, engineering, logistics, program administration, operations, and accounting.

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Why WEN by Chaz Is Worth It

WEN by Chaz has been received well across the globe for numerous reasons. The best part about this sephora marketed brand is their wide variety of products to choose from. The problem is that you may not know what this company can do for you. WEN by Chaz has a product that Emily McClure wanted to give as an honest shot to give an honest review, and she shared it all on Bustle. She shared the ups and downs of using the product to give you a genuine general idea of what this product can truly do for you.The truth is that this product can do a lot for the hair if you use the right amount of times in the week.

Emily used Wen every single day for seven straight days. She loved how clean and shiny her hair was very naturally. It shocked her at how clean and shiny the hair became within the first two or three days of using the product. By day five, she used it again after showering and she witnessed her flow and shine neatly. By the time the week was over, her hair looked completely different. She explained that her hair did feel a bit different and slightly greasy on some days after several hours after using the product. This was when she found that it was all about her hair getting used to the product, and also only using it when it was needed for extra shine.

The one she bought from Amazon was the Sweet Almond mint product, but there are many cleansing moisturizers by Chaz. The WEN hair care product line is full of amazing products to give your hair the shine and clarity that it needs. This line by Chaz was made for those who truly need that shine. As a Hollywood hair care stylist, he is definitely the person to buy hair care products from.

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Darius Fisher And His Awards for Business Development

Darius Fisher knows what it takes to be successful in business. Among the things that are needed is a good reputation. Fortunately, he has a good reputation. He has won the “Business Development Individual of the Year” award. Given that his business is in reputation management, this makes him a very trustworthy individual among people who are looking for a way to improve their reputation. For one thing, a sign of a trustworthy reputation management company is that it has a good reputation. Darius Fisher has the skills and the experience that is needed to manage the reputation of businesses.

Darius Fisher himself has experience with plenty of different cases including that of his own company, Status Labs. Among the more noteworthy cases is one person that has gotten “doxxed”. He has come to the aide of someone that has had personal information leaked online. This resulted in the person getting harassed in person as well as online. Fortunately, Darius Fisher has been able to come to her aid in order to have that information removed so the client can live in peace. Reputation crises can be very scary. This is why it is important to have a plan for emergencies.

Darius understands that the business world can be very brutal and cutthroat. Among the most vulnerable are those that are new to the business world. They get to learn first hand that some people will stop at nothing to destroy someone that they see as competition. They could even make up some false claims so that they can watch their competition crumble. Meanwhile, the person who has been victimized by the false clams has to whether the storm. This is often impossible for one to achieve on his own. This is why Darius Fisher has Status Labs in place. They could come up with an effective strategy in order to give their clients a better public image.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez – A Background of His Diverse Professional Experience

José Manuel González is an agricultural businessman with a plethora of experience that could potentially be very beneficial to Venezuela’s future in the coming years. José Manuel González was the president of Fedecámeras and is additionally involved with the National Assembly on behalf of the state of Guárico. What makes this experience so critical in the wake of the current food crisis is that the region of Venezuela that José Manuel González is from specializes in agriculture, which is exactly the sector that Venezuela needs to build up once more to be able to feed their people. Furthermore, José Manuel González has a a great deal of experience in serving the public, which is a wonderful skill set to have given that he is a businessman as well.

José Manuel González is a sensational leader in his region whose experience should be collaborated with in order to find a viable plan for the restructuring of Venezuela. Where González’s voice will be quite unique is that he can voice the struggles that the local population and businessmen in the agriculture are facing and can deliver these messages in a cordial and professional manner to members who are also in the public service. The key to a new Venezuela is going to be these sectors meeting to form a common ground, which professionals such as José Manuel González can provide. Thus, it will be a pleasure to see how talented individuals such as José Manuel González utilize their unique skill sets to bridge the communication gap and find a way to get the farmers fiscally able to produce the food supply that the Venezuelan population needs. These efforts will come from negotiations with experienced business professionals who know the financial figures needed to bring the economy back and eliminate the food shortage.

Keeping Up With James Dondero did an interview with James Dondero. James Dondero is the CSA, CPA, president, and the Chairman Of The Board for Next Point Hospitality Trust. Dondero graduated Beta Gamma Sigma from the University of Virginia. He was able to obtain his Bachelors of Science in commerce, and he focused on finance and accounting. Dondero has also worked at many different high-level positions in different organizations across the United States. Dondero was the Director of Cricket Communications, the Director of Terrace Star Corporation, the director of Safety-Kleen, and he was also Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life GIC. The previous was just a small list of the many different companies that James Dondero had spearheaded.

In his article with Businesswire, Dondero spoke about his charitable organization funding. Dondero is the cofounder and president of Highland Capital Management. Dondero is a super entrepreneur, but apart from that, he is a very generous philanthropist. Dondero decided to put Linda Owens in charge of his philanthropy activities; Owens will be the person that is in charge of the charitable giving for his company as well. Dondero mentioned that he recognizes that it is very important to have a dedicated professional in charge of making sure that the contributions from the company have the biggest impact on humanity and also on the local community.’

Highland Capital Management is a company that contributes more than $3 million every year to different charitable organizations. Their main focuses are on organizations that help furthering education, Healthcare Services, and organizations that support veterans in the Dallas community. Highland is a company that is truly committed to philanthropy. Their employees volunteer their time as active board members and they work together to create solutions to help out different nonprofit organizations, and they support their causes. Owen is a woman who began working in real estate, and she has been involved in a number of non profit organizations in the Dallas area for many years.

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