A Rich History and a Bright Future are Standard at the Academy of Art University

Too often people don’t think about how clothing comes to stores. Before clothing is ever manufactured it must be designed. It is no easy task coming up modern clothing designs in an industry where it seems like everything has already been done before. The students at the Academy of Art University have creative minds that translate into new clothing trends. In September 2017, the school hosted its 21st annual runway showcase. Ten graduates from their esteemed program exhibited five womenswear collections, two menswear lines, and two collaborations. The designers come from a very diverse background such as China, Maine, California, and so on. Their individualized experiences have shaped who each person is and that shows in their work. Don’t be surprised if you see some of these up-and-coming designer’s clothing in your local stores next season.

Located in picturesque San Francisco, the Academy of Art University has been teaching students since 1929. The school’s rich history is evident in their community and classrooms. The teaching staff is comprised of working artists that have a passion for staying on the cutting edge of art and design. The school puts on over 70 exhibitions and shows annually.

The academics offered by the Academy of Art University are broad-ranged and of stellar quality. From acting and interior design to jewelry and metal arts there is a degree program for almost every form of art. The school even offers a variety of online courses to better fit the needs of busy students. The school changes with the times to stay current, that is their secret to long-term success.

No-Barrier Admissions” is something that the school prides themselves on. Simply put, they encourage anyone with a passion for art to come, learn, and grow at the Academy of Art University. Rather than focusing on test scores and extracurriculars, they focus on each student. This is one of the many reasons the university stands out against others. School tours take place year-round as do a variety of open houses for interested parties. University graduates are already influencing the advertising, fashion, and design industries with modern ideas.