Billionaire Donor George Soros Provides Support for New Democrat Strategy

George Soros is among the most highly renowned donors for the Democrat Party. He has established a reputation as being one of the most avid supporters for the Democrat party and liberal causes. Over the years, Soros has provided both financial and personal support for many members of the Democrat party. When supporting the Democrat party, Soros often provides them with funds to put together and run highly effective campaigns on He also provides them with advice, feedback and suggestions in order for them to enact the most progressive policies. While Soros often provides support during all election years, 2016 was one of his most active. He participated in the presidential election as well as helping provide the Democrat party with a new strategy on Politico that will hopefully get them elected back in to a majority power in 2018.

George Soros’ most well known participation in politics has been in the presidential campaign. He was a strong supporter of longtime Democrat Hillary Clinton and was looking to help her become the next president of the United States. Therefore, he provided millions of dollars to her campaign in an effort to help her put together a highly effective campaign and win the election. While she did not win and become president, she won the popular vote on As a result, she was highly regarded as the one most desired to lead the country for the next four years. Despite the election loss, Soros’ impact on the election allowed the Democrat candidate to attain a favorable standing among most people in the nation.

Along with participating in federal elections, George Soros also looked to help make some states become more Democratic. One of the things he did was to help finance a campaign to eliminate longtime Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio. Over the years he established a reputation of being very tough on immigration. He also supported a state law that was comparable to racial profiling. Fortunately for Soros and liberals, Arpaio was elected out of office. In the state of Florida, Soros looked to help encourage voters to elect Democrat candidates on Forbes. Florida has been a moderate swing state or a conservative one for many years but it might become another Democratic stronghold in the future. This is because, a number of Hispanic Democrat politicians are running for office and members of this group will likely elect them on a regular basis. With Florida being more liberal, the Democrat party will have another state it can count on to get them necessary votes in future elections.

With the recent losses of power in both the Senate and the House, the Democrat party looked to find ways to win back voters. Their first step was to meet to discuss a new strategy. George Soros attended this meeting in Washington. During the meetings, Soros listened to the propositions made by the Democrat leaders. The party looked to appoint new leadership, appeal to more voters and also invest more campaign funds into certain battleground states. By implementing this strategy, the Democrats will likely put themselves in better position to win the next election.