How Betsy DeVos is having a Positive Impact on Education in the US

Betsy DeVos is an innovator, proven leader, and an advocate. Wherever she goes, whether in business, education, or politics, she always manages to have a positive impact. Her efforts has been focused on enacting change and creating an environment where opportunities thrive.

Mrs. DeVos is a former chair of the Windquest Group. His private investment and management firm has its headquarters in Michigan. It has a diverse service and product portfolio, which has seen it thrive and grow despite the recent harsh economic times.


Betsy DeVos and Politics


Mrs. DeVos has been actively participating in politics for over 35 years. She was elected as the Chair of the Republican Party four times. She has also served in numerous positions of leadership in party organization, campaigns, and PACs. Today, she is mainly focused on advancing the choices that parents and children have in education.

She has been working hard to get rid of barriers and to bring about change in the country’s education sector. She is also quite active in her community. She served as the former chair of the American Federation for Children and the Philanthropy Roundtable board. Besides that, she has served on numerous other boards including the American Enterprise Institute, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, ArtPrize, and the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland.

Betsy DeVos graduated from Holland Christian High School. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is the wife of philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos. Together they have four wonderful kids and five grandchildren.


Betsy DeVos Work as Education Secretary


Recently, the Education Department announced a list of priorities for the American School system. On the top of the list is school choice, something that she has fought for over the years. She has made it clear that she intends to use her office to provide parents with school choice.

The Department of Education released these priorities as part of the competitive grants program. This program entails the release of hundreds of millions of dollars to various programs in schools all over the US.

According to the priorities, the department will take strides to ensure access to equal and high-quality education for all kids in the US. Betsy DeVos has been a major proponent of this. She believes that students should not have access to low-quality education just because they come from the wrong neighborhood.

Unfortunately, this has been the reality of many bright students. They are condemned to low-quality education because of their area code. This means they will never have an opportunity to access a better life through education.

Betsy DeVos hopes she can change all that.


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