How Securus Technologies has Prevented Crime and Modernized the Correction Space

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 to provide criminal justice and civil technology solutions. Over 3,400 law enforcement and public agencies rely on Securus Technologies to provide technology solutions that will improve the lives of 1.2 million inmates. The solutions provided are for monitoring, investigation, corrections, and public safety purposes.


Richard A. Smith, the current chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, stated that the company strives each week to come up with a product that eases the work of law enforcement and correction officials by making the incarceration environment safer.


Over time, Securus Technologies has received countless emails and letters from law enforcement officials who have conveyed their gratitude for the overwhelming support they have received. Some have used the technology to investigate compromised members of the force who smuggle contraband to inmates. The technology has helped in monitoring calls regarding inmates’ use of drugs, selling of drugs, and alcohol use.


Other incarceration facilities have used the LBS service to monitor harassments, security threats, and suspicious conversations about money and illegal assets.




Securus Technologies has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has received an A+ rating. This rating is as a result of being transparent, addressing disputes quickly, honoring promises, adhering to advertising and selling standards, and protecting the data collected from fraud activities.


Securus Technologies’ expanding footprints


In 2015, Securus Technologies acquired JPay Inc. Together they provide a platform for entertainment, digital payments, education and communication in the correctional industry. Through these efforts, inmates are now able to transition smoothly from jail to normal life.


This technology company is leading in providing groundbreaking products which modernize the correction space. Securus Technologies is committed to providing simple and secure products that guarantee value, efficiency, and security of prison staff, inmates, their families and friends, and the community at large.