Jose Manuel Gonzalez – A Background of His Diverse Professional Experience

José Manuel González is an agricultural businessman with a plethora of experience that could potentially be very beneficial to Venezuela’s future in the coming years. José Manuel González was the president of Fedecámeras and is additionally involved with the National Assembly on behalf of the state of Guárico. What makes this experience so critical in the wake of the current food crisis is that the region of Venezuela that José Manuel González is from specializes in agriculture, which is exactly the sector that Venezuela needs to build up once more to be able to feed their people. Furthermore, José Manuel González has a a great deal of experience in serving the public, which is a wonderful skill set to have given that he is a businessman as well.

José Manuel González is a sensational leader in his region whose experience should be collaborated with in order to find a viable plan for the restructuring of Venezuela. Where González’s voice will be quite unique is that he can voice the struggles that the local population and businessmen in the agriculture are facing and can deliver these messages in a cordial and professional manner to members who are also in the public service. The key to a new Venezuela is going to be these sectors meeting to form a common ground, which professionals such as José Manuel González can provide. Thus, it will be a pleasure to see how talented individuals such as José Manuel González utilize their unique skill sets to bridge the communication gap and find a way to get the farmers fiscally able to produce the food supply that the Venezuelan population needs. These efforts will come from negotiations with experienced business professionals who know the financial figures needed to bring the economy back and eliminate the food shortage.