Michael Zomber Promotes Peace Globally

Philadelphia native Michael Zomber is an author, playwright and 40-year collector of antique weaponry. Zomber’s passion for the Japanese culture is undeniable. He has a pretty large cache of Samurai swords, along with guns and weapons of all ages and from all over the world.

His expertise can be seen on History channel’s 8-part series Tales of the Gun. The show examines guns from all eras and from countries all over the world.

Michael Zomber has written several novels, mostly about war and strife during in America and Japan. Shogun Iemitsu, Sweet Betsy, That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Park Avenue and A Son of Kentucky.

His novel Soul of the Samurai is scheduled to be made into a documentary. He and his wife own Renascent films, a production company that has many new ideas in the pipeline.

According to PR Web, Michael Zomber says he loves to tell stories. He has been writing since he was a kid and continued to hone his skills while attending the University of Illinois and UCLA. Zomber says it’s his goal to keep the past relevant. One of the best examples, says Zomber, is the Japanese Samurai sword. it has been around for nearly a thousand years and never lost its luster or importance within the culture.

A man of peace, Zomber has seen first hand how war affects countries. He has visited war torn places like Somalia, Iraq and Rwanda. He generously supports philanthropic efforts like UNICEF, Veterans of War and Doctors Without Borders.