The New Type of Business from Fabletics

The world of fashion has gone through many different phases. There has been the department store phase. More recently there has been the fast fashion phase. While each of these phases have their own differences, there is one similarity that they all have. They do not focus on the customer. Instead, they try to focus on selling the products with very little concern over whether or not the customers actually want the product. The only reason that these products have sold is that the customers had to buy them. Even with the trendy items in fast fashion stores, people didn’t really have much say as to what types of products are offered.


Fabletics has brought forth something new to the table. This is customer oriented business. Fabletics as a company puts all of the focus on the customer from the moment they sign up for a membership. One of the first things the customer has to do for her account is take a quiz that tells Fabletics the type of lifestyle the customer has. This will give the company the right idea on the type of products to give the customer. This strengthens the relationship with the customers and even gives the customer a better ability to pick out their own style.


Another important aspect of customer relationships is the reviews. Kate Hudson and the other team members of Fabletics understand the power that customer reviews have. This is one of the reasons that they are doing everything they can to give their customers the best service possible. As customers are addressed in the ways that they need to be addressed, they will be satisfied. This will get them to recommend Fabletics to others. Fabletics will not only enjoy a great reputation but also enjoy increased business because of the reputation.


There is more to business than providing great customer service and products. Business are not looked at for how socially responsible they are. Customers look up information on companies like Fabletics in order to get information such as the methods used to bring the products to the customers. They want to make sure that they are doing business with a company that is ethical as well as environmentally friendly so that they can enjoy some of the latest and greatest styles without feeling guilty about what is happening in order to bring forth these very unique pieces of fashion.