The Path to Success Taken by the Acclaimed OSI Group of Industries

OSI Group, founded in the early nineteen hundreds, is a privately held meat processing firm with subsidiaries all over the globe. Working in close partnership with independent retail food suppliers, OSI has transformed into the world’s leading meat and other foods solutions provider. The food company’s astonishing growth can be attributed to its immense wealth coupled with sound managerial decisions by the CEO, Sheldon Lavin, and his proficient team.

Working with the OSI Industries is a sure prerequisite for unparalleled business success. The company is always punctual with their essential deliveries to their growing number of customers. What’s more, the food plant always insists on using approved means and methods to produce, store and transport the food to their patrons.

Here’s what makes the OSI Group of Industries to stand out from its peers:-

• World-class food quality assurance standards and safety
• The staff are highly trained global culinary chefs
• They undertake comprehensive research to they get the meals just right
• The company has an unwavering commitment towards sustainability
• OSI’s distributors are renowned for their superb efficiency, integrity, and honesty

Continued Expansion and Growth

The global meat supplier has remained consistent in the level of their services and products for the last century. To that effect, the company has taken to the skies and it now employs well over 20,000 workers stationed in close to 20 countries.

OSI group provides tailor-made solutions for brands and businesses across the world regardless of their financial standing. Thanks to the reliable and cost-effective custom food products from OSI, countless companies have not only realized their targets, but they’ve accomplished what they never thought possible.

The Early Years

OSI Group, just like many other iconic American businesses, was the brain-child project of an immigrant. The founder was a German who’d migrated to Oak Park, Chicago with the family in 1909. His name was Otto Kolschowsky and he picked the name, “Otto & Sons’ for his butcheries in 1928.

OSI’s fortunes began to look up in the mid-50’s when they landed a plush meat supply contract with the then rising fast-food giant, McDonald Inc. one of the prime reasons McDonald’s chose to do business with Otto & Sons was that the latter had pioneered a revolutionary an advanced food preservation technique called the cryogenic food processing method.

Thanks to the liquid nitrogen processing formula, food, especially meat, could now be safely stored for up to one year without losing its flavor. Fast forward to 2011 and the OSI was being named by Forbes Magazine as the 136th most successful American meat processing company. Today, the organization continues to break ground on new meat processing plants in lucrative foreign markets for instance in, Shanghai, China and all over S.E Asia.

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